The Thinking Behind Strategic HR at Mt. Washington 2018

From the desk of Conference Curator, Bud Bernstein

It’s tempting to build a program structured primarily for the immediate needs of the audience. And, while we closely monitored for that during the construction of Strategic HR at Mt. Washington, the more creative vision of the Retreat is on trends and longer-term strategic thinking.

Most employers in New England are concentrating on the dearth of available talent and the current financial reality. There will come a day when that dynamic shifts – economic cycles are called “cycles” for a reason. Layer on top of that demographic trends, an uncertain political and legal foundation, and evolving concepts of work and career. Then throw in the world of technology and social media for good measure, and you can see why Strategic HR at Mt. Washington gets its energy by focusing on a bigger picture.

Here are three examples from this year’s menu demonstrating issues equally important in the current HR reality zone and the undetermined HR future.

  • What happens when students believe they know more than their teachers? Is there a “death of expertise” in the trending workforce, and how does that collide with the constant need for innovation? There are two retreat sessions designed to explore this.
  • Are we viewing #MeToo through the right strategic lens for the HR horizon? And, are there some new ways to rethink and reposition workplace legal compliance? Two retreat sessions engage you in these concerns.
  • What is the future of the critical soft skills that draw so many individuals to the HR profession? Retreat sessions will investigate matters ranging from socially responsible problem solving to the strategic value of goodness and values. Plus a look at how Doctors Without Borders handles their human resources quest.

We’re counting on the audience to raise matters on their horizon and their passion for people and the profession.

Bud Bernstein is the Program Curator for Strategic HR U.S. He counts on a team in-house and the input of the HR community at large to drive the energy of the conferences. Plus a big bowl of popcorn consumed while watching dozens of speaker video clips.