Think about the people who have barely taken a day off since March. Maybe that’s you.

And, think about the people who have barely traveled more than a few miles from home. Maybe that’s you as well.

It’s also me. On both counts. My workaround is twofold. First, I’ve established a new way of thinking about the clock, so if I’m working after 4pm or on a weekend, it’s because I’m doing something creative or something I truly love. Second, I’ve been on a virtual journey around the country to meet great potential speakers, with the goal of taking you on a working vacation next May.

As mentioned last week, we are planning online visits to Chesapeake Bay, Maryland; Santa Fe, New Mexico; and the Big Island of Hawaii for some of the conference learning. Plus, a loop around our own home state to find the next batch of Great Maine Leaders.

Now I have an ask of you. When it’s time to join the proceedings next May, don’t forget to create your own creative space and time. Perhaps, you’ll travel somewhere new (and safe) with your laptop. Perhaps, it’s a simple move to the back porch at home, or if you’re back at the office, a move to a different office desk and computer where you won’t see the flow of incoming email traffic.

Whatever path you take, we hope it’s one where you can enjoy maximum engagement and the creation of time “away.”

Start thinking about this as you join our “hold-a-seat” list for May 2021.

Need help unplugging? Check out these tools:

Bud Bernstein
Curator for Strategic HR U.S.