All We Have is Time

A New Year Wish from the Maine HR Convention


Poets and philosophers sing this loud and clear – all we have is time. It rings truer as New Year approaches and we think about what has been and what will be.

What has been. As Maine HR Convention curator, thank you for sharing time with us at the Samoset. Your precious time. And, thank you for using that time in a myriad of ways. Curiosity that leads to learning. Listening that fosters understanding. And relationships that transform into friendships.

What will be! I am encouraging a new generation of conference makers at Strategic HR U.S. to work on the HR Convention of the future, although I still have a few more conferences to build before heading off to new adventures. That makes me acutely aware of your precious time. How can we generate HR content and value to warrant your time? How can we set the mood that encourages meaningful conversations? And, how does this provide the space for HR to make a difference in the lives of your employees and the broader communities you serve?

  • As to the content: we constantly research the state of affairs in the HR world, but when it comes right down to it, we need your input. Keep the information and data flowing our way!
  • As to the mood: there’s a reason we go to places like the Samoset. The right atmospherics mean much more than a good time. It’s the secret moments that count. Sometimes I’ll come across audience members sitting by the fireplace, and they will sheepishly look at me as if to explain why they are in conversation rather than in class. I always think, “Bravo for Them!” Because the magic in that moment may be their most important take away.
  • As to the space to make a difference: My New Year wish for you is to create more of that for yourself. Opportunities for personal growth will have impact well beyond the four walls of your organization.


Bud Bernstein

Curator for the Maine HR Convention

Strategic HR U.S.