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We strive to provide you an experience, not just an event.

Our history: Strategic HR U.S, first opened its doors in 1983 as Northern New England Law Publishers and for 30 years has served as an information clearinghouse for the human resources community in Maine. We rely on a thriving network of human resources professionals, labor-management attorneys, and workers’ compensation experts for advice, analysis, and ideas. Our goal is to help you foster healthy relations with your employees, thereby avoiding costly workplace conflict and litigation and allowing you to focus your energy on your products and services.


Products for the Maine and New England human resources community include:

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Sponsor and Exhibitor Information:
Heather Bassett, Business Development & Marketing Manager

Speaker Information:
Katie White, Faculty Liaison

Website, Mobile App, and On-Site Speaker/EXPO Information:
Morgan Rush, Communications & Logistics Coordinator

Attendee Information:
Colby Gray, Relationship & Business Development Specialist

Attendee & Accounting Information:
Becky Thompson, Office Manager

Curator & CEO
Bud Bernstein


Bud Bernstein

The Pierce Memorial, a statue of three loggers next to the Bangor Public  Library: not where you’d expect to find the end point of a civil rights demonstration. My  father…

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Becky Thompson
Human Resources & Office Manager

Becky is on her second stint with Strategic HR. She started out with the company back in 1991 and worked with our fabulous leader, Bud Bernstein, for 11 years when it was just the two of them. Then,…

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Heather Bassett
Business Development & Marketing Manager

Middle Child│Only Daughter Between Two Brothers │Loving & Caring Family Upbringing │Gen Xer│ Scorpio │ B.S. in Allied Health Sciences with a minor in Anthropology & Sociology │ The…

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Morgan Rush
Communications & Logistics Coordinator

Morgan grew up in Central Maine and spent a summer working in Portland a few years ago. After that summer, she knew that Portland is where she wanted to be once she finished school…

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Katie White
Creative Director | Faculty Manager

Katie is a self-proclaimed culture digester, social media fanatic, and hobbyist writer. Originally from the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC, she spent summers in Maine and relocated to Portland…

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Colby Gray

Relationship & Business Development Specialist

Colby has just relocated to Portland, Maine from Boston where she has lived for 7 years. She graduated from Fisher College with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Communication…

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