The following information is from the completed 2021 event. Please check back in the spring for details on next year. 

Workers’ Comp Summit: Sept 22-23, 2021 – Samoset Resort, Rockport, ME

Ametros (SPONSOR)

Ametros offers two services that can enhance and increase opportunities to settle future medical cases, including MSAs or any future medical allocation.  Ametros’ professional administration service, CareGuard, provides full service administration of settlement funds, while giving access to medical networks for pharmacy, bill review/PPO and DME discounts. CareGuard offers a Care Advocate Team that handles everything for our members, including submitting payments directly to providers and completing all required reporting to CMS, in the case of an MSA.  With CareGuard, Ametros sets up a dedicated bank account for the injured individual and acts as custodian and advocate. Ametros has been proven to help ease injured parties’ fears of settlement, especially in the most difficult cases where the injured individual is nervous about future medical needs, resulting in more closed claims and reduced reserves. Ametros also offers a self-administration support tool, Amethyst, that  assists the injured individual with ongoing healthcare expenses offering discounted medical network access to pharmacy, bill review/PPO, and DME, and technology tools while keeping the funds in injured individuals own bank account.