Strategic HR at Mount Washington: Oct 27-29, 2019 – Bretton Woods, NH

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the 2018 Retreat!

The following information is from the completed event. Check back in the spring for updates on the 2019 Retreat.

Strategic Alliances at Bay Path University & Graduate Admissions at Bay Path University (TUESDAY LUNCH SPONSOR)

When Bay Path opened its doors to students in downtown Springfield, MA in 1897, it had a very clear goal: to provide a practical, affordable, and career-oriented education to meet the needs of companies, organizations, and communities.  From the beginning, Bay Path prided itself on being entrepreneurial, continually pushing the boundaries of the academic experience to fit the student and on starting our graduates on the road to success.  We still do.

Today, that spirit and philosophy are more important than ever in higher education.  At Bay Path, it’s not just the number and breadth of undergraduate and graduate programs that define us-and we have many- but it is our ability to connect the classroom to internships, clinicals, and leadership experiences that ensure our students are well prepared to enter the careers of their choice.  That is the core of what we do best.

In addition to traditional undergraduate degrees for women and The American Women’s College, the first all-women, all-online accredited bachelor degree program in the country; Bay Path offers over 30 cutting-edge graduate programs and graduate certificates for men and women.  Graduate programs include but are not limited to, MS Cybersecurity Management, MS Applied Data Science, MS Genetic Counseling, MBA Entrepreneurial Thinking and Innovative Practices, MOT Occupational Therapy, MS Developmental Psychology, MS High Education Administration and MS Communication and Information Management. Offered in-class and online, evenings, weekends and with accelerated courses, Bay Path makes education attainable and manageable for those seeking a graduate degree.

The Strategic Alliances division at Bay Path brings learning, leadership, and community together to motivate individuals and inspire growth. Recognizing the growing need for corporate learning and leadership programs within organizations, partnered with the commitment to offering life-long learning opportunities, this division at Bay Path is building upon the University’s long history of entrepreneurship and innovation and is committed to helping businesses navigate a constantly changing world. Strategic Alliances helps clients and business partners adapt to new ways of doing business, enhance the human capital so critical to success and provides training, so both customers and employees have positive experiences reflective of the business at hand. Through interactive webinars, one-on-one sessions, highly interactive and customized learning, or one or two-day programs, Strategic Alliances has a program suited for every business need and offers a broad range of themes.

We invite you to be part of our transformational, creative learning environment and to visit our website at where you can learn more about Bay Path University.