The information below is from the completed 2022 event. Check back in the fall for 2023 updates.

Maine HR Convention: May 8 – 11, 2023


Cross Insurance (BARISTA SPONSOR)

Cross Insurance is a family-owned insurance agency made up of a network of wholly-owned subsidiary insurance agencies throughout New England. Getting its humble beginnings in the home of Woodrow Cross in 1954, the company has since grown to become one of New England’s largest independent insurance intermediaries and the nation’s 30th largest broker of U.S. Business, with over 40 branches and more than 900 employees.

Cross Insurance has two goals: to meet the employee benefit needs of New England businesses, and to serve as a conduit to the insurance industry for our business clients. Cross Insurance recognizes that each client has unique business needs, and varying levels of expectations. We have structured our account management teams to allow the flexibility necessary to meet these diverse demands. Individual fine-tuning is expected, and accommodations are made as needed.

We value our business relationships, and look to establish long-lasting partnerships.  We are committed to delivering outstanding value and supporting the internal management of our clients’ employee benefits. Cross Insurance is here to help your team be the best it can be.