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Engage Wellness Solutions LLC (MASSAGE SPONSOR)

Can your company or team benefit from improved performance and engagement? Are you looking to attract and retain the best talent? Is stress reduction a priority? Is downtime and turnover costing you dearly? Can data help you determine if your wellness or fitness programs are working? Engage Wellness Solutions delivers and sells wellness solutions that will help you in all these areas. If you’re part of a corporate wellness program, fitness facility, school, college or university, sports teams and more, we have a solution for you.

WE DELIVER premium massage chairs to your office or location that offer an amazing, head-to-toe experience. (If you?re imagining chairs like you’ve seen at the mall, adjust your thinking, as our chairs will blow those away.)

WE DELIVER the InBody 570 Body Mass Analyzer to corporate wellness programs, fitness facilities, spas, gyms and teams and groups. This amazing piece of technology will give you the data you need to prove that your efforts and programs are working.

WE DELIVER solutions to the Boston metro area, west to Worcester, south to Cape Cod and Providence and north to Manchester and Portsmouth.

WE SELL Infinity Massage Chairs throughout the continental US to offices, schools, spas, gyms, condo associations, community centers, workout rooms, waiting rooms, show rooms and even the home.

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