The information below is from the completed 2024 event. Check back in the winter for 2025 updates.

Maine HR Convention: May 6-9, 2024


Finance Authority of Maine (EXHIBITOR)

FAME works at the nexus of economic and educational development and provides financial solutions that help Maine people achieve their higher education and business goals. We know that financial issues can be a primary stressor for employees. We can work with you as an employer to provide valuable resources to support the financial wellness of your workforce.

FAME helps Maine families achieve their goals by helping them afford higher education. We provide free publications and information sessions on planning and paying for higher education, including responsible borrowing. Employers can download or request free FAME publications and/or info sessions on a variety of affording higher education programs, including:

  • NextGen 529™ – Maine’s Education Savings Plan
  • Financial Aid and FAFSA (Free Application for Financial Student Aid)
  • Private education loan financing through Maine Loan
  • Refinancing Student Loans
  • Financial Education

FAME also provides access to capital for Maine financial institutions and businesses. We support Maine businesses as they start up, operate and expand to compete more effectively and grow Maine jobs. When traditional loans through traditional lenders do not solve a business’s financing needs, FAME’s business loan programs may be the answer.

Let us help you, help your employees. Learn more at and/or request free education publications or an information session by contacting us at, 800-228-3734.