Maine HR Convention: May 12-15, 2020 – Samoset Resort, Rockport, ME

The following information is from the completed 2019 event. Please check back in the fall for details on next year. 


Institute for Family-Owned Business (RESOURCE PARTNER SPONSOR)

The Institute for Family-Owned Business (IFOB) is a nonprofit 501(c) 3 organization committed to supporting, strengthening and empowering family-owned businesses throughout the state of Maine. The Institute serves family business owners, executives and employees through a wide range of continuing education programs, networking opportunities and consulting services, and acts as a comprehensive resource for family-owned businesses.

Our mission at the IFOB is to provide unique information, resources and networking opportunities to enable Maine’s business-owning families to prosper and achieve their fullest potential. Our vision is to be the premier resource for family-run businesses in Maine, be the predominant source of outreach programs for family-owned businesses, and be a recognized expert in, and a networking resource for, inimitable family-business issues.

Since 2000, the IFOB recognizes family-owned, Maine-based businesses through its annual Maine Family Business Awards program. Presented at a gala event each spring that attracts over 400 attendees, the awards celebrate the accomplishments of small and large businesses that exemplify the following criteria: business success, positive business and family linkages, contributions to the community and industry, family participation, work environment, communication, and innovative business practices or strategies.

Leading up to this event, businesses may be nominated by individuals outside or inside the company, giving us a tool to connect with a wide range of business individuals and enterprises. The do not need to be members of the IFOB.  We welcome all nominations!

Aside from our annual awards, we offer over 50 programs that provide valuable information on topics of interest to family business owners, bringing a wide variety of Maine business professionals together with amicable issues, concerns, feedback, success stories and goals. The programs range in duration from two hours to half a day, and include ample time for networking.

To further accomplish our mission, we developed five Affinity Groups, and are working on adding one more for 2019, to match specific groups with likeminded peers. These groups meet several times each year for networking and discussion on issues of interest to the members. The topics for each discussion are voted on at the beginning of the first meeting, creating a custom agenda that is unique for that group.

Our Affinity Groups include CEO Central, the Next Generation (including executive and middle management levels), Leaders in Transition, and a Women’s Leadership Forum that connects and inspires women in family business. Space is limited, and advance reservation is required for many these groups.

In addition to our Affinity Groups, we also offer several educational programs, including our How To’s series for Family Business, our Family Business Spotlights: Business After Hours, Women in Family Business series including a Wine & 9 Golf Program, and our Strategic Growth Program SPARK! – Transformational Growth Ideas from Maine Business Leaders. The programs are open to everyone and we invite all members (with family and non-family employees), future members, and anyone else who is interested to join us!

For a current calendar of upcoming programs, and to learn more about the IFOB visit or call 207.798.2667.