The following information is from the completed 2020 event. Please check back for details on next year. 

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Maine HR Convention: May 11-15, 2020 – Virtual+ Edition


JPMA-Staff Development Solutions LLC (BOOKSTORE SPONSOR)

About JPMA

JPMA is an online training firm that has been in operation for nearly twenty years. During this time, JPMA has created a host of courses using a variety of technological approaches and has emerged as clearly one of the leaders in the nation in this area. Thousands of organizations throughout the nation have used JPMA’s services to enhance the capabilities of their staff.

Our Content

JPMA provides Maine organizations with compliance training that not only meets the needs of annual training requirements, but also goes above and beyond those requirements to aid in true content retention. JPMA’s advanced technology approach ensures that online classes are specifically engineered to engage the interest of learners (using graphics, animations, photography, audio components, hyperlinks, and interactive exercises). At the same time, we retain a simple, user-friendly interface that recognizes the challenges staff members will encounter while training at various locations in a work environment.

What We Can Do For You

Integrated Online Solutions – JPMA provides several hundred organizations with simple and affordable turnkey training systems (online content and learning management system). Customers use these systems to meet basic and compliance-level training requirements. This frees resources that can then be redirected toward other organization purposes, including higher-level training needs.

Custom Development/Hosting – While JPMA’s content is readily available for immediate deployment, specific materials may also be rapidly developed to meet the training objectives of your organization, including your own internal policy hosting. We can assist in a number of roles to help ensure that specific training events are well suited for your learner community and developed in a timely, cost-effective manner.