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KMA Human Resources Consulting (RESOURCE PARTNER)

KMA Human Resources Consulting Makes Human Resources Simple 

KMA Human Resources Consulting is your partner for keeping on top of and staying in compliance with changing labor laws and Human Resources practices.  We help keep HR simple with services extending to assisting with employee relations, engagement issues, training and developing staff, as well as hiring and retaining talent.


Our clients typically embrace Human Resources as being critical to their success and to their ability to create the kind of top-notch workplace environment that’s so significant to worker satisfaction, productivity, and being able to deliver high quality customer service on a consistent basis. We believe that Human Resources ranks right up there with effective business strategy and making sure your financial numbers add up. After all, your people are your most important asset, and without a pro-active approach to HR, it’s just about impossible to chart a successful course forward.

Helping You – Know Your Resources!

Our philosophy is solid HR is about knowing your resources.  There is never enough time in the day to get your work done, putting out fires is tiring and how are you supposed to be an expert in all disciplines of HR?  Getting help through additional resources is smart.  Do you find yourself asking any of these questions?

  • What can I do to boost employee relations and employee engagement? What are some tried and true approaches that really work?
  • What can I do about training and development, and building new skills to support new hires, new products, new offerings, or new ways of doing business?
  • How do I stay legal with my hiring and firing practices?
  • It has been 6 years since my handbook has been updated but I don’t have the time to update it.
  • When do I need to offer health benefits, vacation time, sick pay?
  • How do I find the right people, and how do I keep them?
  • What will next year’s staffing levels look like? Will I grow, downsize, or stay the same?
  • Why are job descriptions important?
  • Am I following current regulations and fair wage and compensation standards?
  • How do I stay on top of all the changes in employment laws every year?

No matter what your industry or your company size, KMA Human Resources Consulting can help.

Founded in 2007 and based in Falmouth, Maine, KMA’s team of experienced HR experts advises and supports business owners, HR teams and busy executives and managers who lack the time and in-house expertise to handle vital Human Resources functions themselves.