The following information is from the completed 2020 event. Please check back for details on next year. 

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Maine HR Convention: May 11-15, 2020 – Virtual+ Edition


Maine Community College System (RESOURCE SPONSOR)

Maine’s community colleges offer businesses and their employees access to affordable, customized training.

The Maine Quality Centers (MQC) program funds customized workforce training delivered through Maine’s seven community colleges. MQC grants are available to fund pre-hire, post-hire and incumbent worker training. The program is designed to ensure that Maine businesses have the qualified workers they need to succeed. A match may be required for incumbent worker training, based on company size. Employers with 1-50 employees may apply for 100% funding. Employers with 51-100 employees may apply for 75% funding, with a 25% company match. Employers with 101+ employees may apply for 50% funding, with a 50% company match. 


  •  Business must have a physical location in Maine 
  •  Trainees must be Maine residents 
  •  Trainees must be full-time employees working at facilities in Maine 
  •  Positions must be at a skill level that would take 3 months or more to learn 
  •  Wages and benefits must be competitive 
  •  Training must be cost-effective 

Type of assistance available: 

  • Recruitment Assistance – advertising and screening
  • Pre-hire training for potential hires 
  •  Post-hire training for new hires and incumbent workers  
  • Targeted training for industry certifications
  • Customized training, consultation, and curriculum adapted to your need 
  •  Flexible scheduling – days, evenings, weekends 
  •  Classes delivered at your worksite or on one of our seven campuses