The following information is from the completed 2020 event. Please check back in the spring for details on next year.

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Virtual + Strategic HR: Oct 21-22 & 28, 2020

All times listed on the schedule are Eastern Standard Time.

Varney Benefit Advisors (SUPPORTING SPONSOR)

Our scope of services vary and are customized depending on a client’s interest, complexity of plan design, and funding arrangements.

The key elements of our process include: Conducting a detailed evaluation of current offering. We will engineer a detailed analysis of all your benefit plans and discuss the strengths and areas where we believe improvements are needed. With your feedback, we will use the evaluation as the foundation for the benefits offering RFP we provide to carriers. It will also serve as an important component of the long-term strategic plan.
Leading benefit offerings RFPs Concurrent with your organization’s renewal we will lead a thorough review of the insured market for all of your lines of coverage. Upon conclusion of our marketing effort, we will provide you with a complete review of our discoveries and make a recommendation based on the outcomes.
Developing a strategic plan.
We will facilitate both a short-term and a long-term strategic plan. Key components of the blueprint are:
  • Health plan funding arrangements
  • Carrier partnerships
  • Goals to attract and retain employees
  • Financial goals associated with your benefit offering
  • Wellness programs
  • Voluntary benefit consideration
  • Managing benefit plan enrollment and communication

We schedule and lead employee enrollment meetings annually. Many of our clients also utilize our services for educational sessions including lunch and learns on a quarterly or annual basis. Other services include:

  • Employee Advocacy- We will advocate on behalf of your benefit enrollees should the need occur.
  • Contribution Analysis and Modeling- Based on a comprehensive understanding of your organizational budget goals, we will present a complete analysis that demonstrates the clearest path to achieving those goals.
  • Benchmarking Services- We will provide you with a wide-ranging study that compares your plan design, costs, and employer contributions to both geographic and industry peers.
  • Underwriting and Financial Analysis- Throughout the year your account team will present a detailed summary of the plan’s performance and a customized set of recommendations on funding options and strategies.