Maine HR Convention: May 8 – 11, 2023


HR Basic Training: May 8-9, 2023

HR Basic Training

Fundamentals for a Successful HR Career

Monday, May 8 – Tuesday, May 9, 2023 | Registration Fee: $575

Start your career in Human Resources off on the right foot! This two-day crash course in all things HR is the perfect first step to navigating your new field. With four comprehensive modules on key topics, taught by top HR leaders from the state, plus a taste of the Annual Maine HR Convention. You’ll leave the Samoset confident and armed with new professional know-how.

This program includes:

  • Breakfast and lunch on Monday and Tuesday
  • Three Maine HR Convention keynotes
  • Two conference receptions
  • Access to a Samoset overnight room
  • And most important – the following Learning Modules:
    1. Finders Keepers: Talent Acquisition 101
    2. The Pillars of Onboarding: Building a Foundation for Retention
    3. The Employee Management Toolbox: Performance, Development, and Engagement
    4. Compliance Compendium: A Legal Roundup



9:30 am – 11:30 am

HR Basic Training 1: Finders Keepers

Talent Acquisition 101

Finding the right person for the job and getting them an enticing job offer before your competitor does is no easy task. What are your sources? How do you attract good talent to your organization? And once you’ve found them – how do you interview and hire potential employees to set them (and their managers) up for success? We’ll begin our Employee Lifecycle journey with a walk through the talent acquisition pipeline.

Once we’ve covered the basics, your Basic Training guides, David Pease, Heather Jury, and Carolyn Hart will discuss how savvy new-to-HR professionals can elevate these skills to think like a marketer to source candidates and build an authentic employment brand.

12:30 pm – 2:30 pm

HR Basic Training 2: The Pillars of Onboarding

Building a foundation for retention

Congratulations! You found your next hire, presented a competitive compensation package, and they accepted the offer. What’s next? Onboarding.
The onboarding of new team members is an essential phase of the Employee Lifecycle. A successful introduction to your organization will drive productivity, accelerate the delivery of results, and lay the foundation for talent retention. That is why it is critical to avoid the many pitfalls organizations fall into during this precious time period. Whether it be relying too heavily on job shadowing or fast-tracking training, Julie Develin will share the common mistakes made while integrating your new employee, and the core principles of an effective onboarding process that will set your organization up for retention success.


Program Faculty: Julie Develin




10:15 am – 11:45 am

HR Basic Training 3: The Employee Management Toolbox

Performance, Development, and Engagement

Now, we’ve reached the final and (hopefully!) longest chapter of the Employee Lifecycle: managing your workforce. Like most employers, you have a mixture of high, medium, and low performers – each with different needs and capabilities. We’ll learn how to identify and leverage your superstars, how to give effective feedback, how to develop your employees and foster engagement, and finally – how to manage the situation when it’s time to part ways. Laura Rideout of Preti Flaherty host this session which will feature an experienced HR leader (or two) who was once in your shoes and understands the challenges associated with recruiting, nurturing and engaging tomorrow’s high performers!

1:00 pm – 2:30 pm

HR Basic Training 4: Compliance Compendium

Developing a Legal Toolkit

Understanding how to effectively apply workplace laws to actual day-to-day challenges is essential to the career development of every HR professional. Matthew LaMourie of Preti Flaherty will get you thinking like a lawyer and functioning like a problem-solver, through an exploration of some of the most common factual scenarios with serious legal implications. This final session will enhance your knowledge base of the alphabet soup of prevailing laws that affect your work in human resources. As a bonus, you will leave with a Guidebook of Compliance Basics for future reference.