A Day for Front-Line Managers & Supervisors

The Heart of Legal Compliance

Friday, May 10, 2019 | 8:00 AM – 4:15 PM | Registration Fee: $295

Registration opens in January 2019.

What’s it all about? No matter how well the HR Department is schooled in employment law and HR practices, front-line managers and supervisors are the ones who can make all the difference. This is true for employers of any size. Day-to-day conversations, inquiries, and performance processes are what determine the legal health of your workplace. That’s why we offer this valued bring-it-home program for managers from outside of HR to get a better feel for the behaviors and practices that impact employers and employees alike. This full-day track offers perspectives and takeaways from the legal and HR community. Supervisors and managers will leave better attuned to making fair and consistent decisions that encourage the best legal workplace culture.

This Friday program includes: breakfast, lunch, access to the Friday morning and afternoon keynotes, access to a Samoset overnight room on Thursday evening, and most important – the following Learning Modules:

  1. Hiring and interviewing issues.
  2. Onboarding challenges.
  3. Performance management and recordkeeping.
  4. Federal and Maine employment laws.
  5. Workplace acccommodations.

Faculty: Dan Rose, Sharon DeCato, and Anne-Marie Storey


Program Outline:

7:00 | Registration Opens

Visit the Registration Desk in the lobby to check in and grab your event materials.

7:00-8:00 | Breakfast

Enjoy breakfast and barista-made coffee from Bard before starting your day.

8:00-9:00 | KEYNOTE

The Workplace as a Venue for Healing

Susan Schmitt, Applied Materials

Presented by Susan Schmitt, Group VP Human Resources at Applied Materials in California.

Details coming soon.

9:15-10:30 | Hiring and Interview Issues

Hiring the right person at the right time sets the tone for that employee’s future in your organization. This opening segment looks at what constitutes the best, non-discriminatory recruiting practices, with a tutorial on conducting strong interviews and checking backgrounds. Learning Objectives:

  • Understand basic concepts of discrimination law, with a particular emphasis on how our subconscious biases come into play.
  • Discover how your recruiting practices can create a discrimination claim.
  • Build your toolkit on preparing for and conducting effective interviews, and receive a checklist of the kinds of questions that may get you into legal trouble, and alternatively, the kinds of behavioral questions that properly get you the information you need.
10:45-12:00 | Performance Management

This is where supervisors and managers really hit the road – ensuring that the work gets done, dissipating workplace conflicts, and learning how to measure employee performance and call them to greatness. The employment community is on a slow path moving from numbered checklist performance reviews to something more holistic and interactive, and we’ll explore this trend. Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the latest trends and practices in performance management and employee evaluations, with an emphasis on giving and receiving feedback effectively.
  • Discuss your role in preventing and mitigating workplace conflict.
  • Understand the critical role of documentation and record keeping for both performance issues and conflict management issues.
12:00-12:30 | Lunch

Rejoin the full HR Convention audience for lunch and conversation.

12:30-1:30 | KEYNOTE

To be Announced

Details coming soon.

1:45-3:00 | Maine and Federal Employment Laws

This is a basic introduction to the purpose of the law of the workplace and the many forms non-compliance may take: from investigations, to litigation, to resolution. Learning Objectives:

  • Receive a summary of the laws impacting the employment relationship, including: FMLA, ADA, FLSA, Whistleblowers, Workers’ Compensation, and a range of anti-discrimination laws.
  • By way of example, learn how front-line supervisors can limit problems on all these fronts by using the right words at the right time, asking the right questions at the right time, and avoiding conversation in other situations.
  • Know the protocols for sharing information with HR and others, issues of confidentiality, and when you shouldn’t try to play lawyer on your own.
3:15-4:15 | Workplace Accommodations

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) sets standards for employers to accommodate the needs of employees with disabilities. And the Maine Human Rights Act has expectations as well. Supervisors are in the best position to implement and understand the evolution of an accommodation. Is it appropriate for business necessity? Does it match the needs of the employee? And how does it impact others? Learning Objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of the accommodations requirements of the ADA, and a sense of what constitutes a valid request.
  • Watch some demonstrations that will help you understand how a properly executed accommodation leads to a win-win for employer and employee, and how accommodations gone awry impact the business bottom line and the culture of the organization.
  • Leave with strong documentation tools for monitoring the progress of an accommodation.

Registration opens in January 2019.