Strategic HR at Mount Washington: Oct 27-29, 2019 – Bretton Woods, NH



2019 Retreat Vision

HR agility is what we bring to Mt. Washington this year. When you think of agility, the words rapid fire and chaos likely come to mind. But we’d rather liken agility to the merengue, a dance originating in the Dominican Republic. The music is fast. The footsteps complex. Yet the upper body remains poised and elegant. So, the Retreat will view agility from several angles – the corporate space, HR initiatives, personal impact, and the neuroscience of decision making. Giving you the platform to dance.

The Retreat will share stories from iconic, yet challenged brands, including General Motors, the World Bank, and several New England companies. We will continue to enhance HR’s business partner role, with looks at how HR connects with finance and marketing. We’ll also maintain the conceptual flow from big ideas on Sunday, strategic concepts on Monday, to bring it home ideas on Tuesday. And, we will continue to position HR as a progressive agent for change on the diversity and pay equity fronts.

For good measure, you’ll witness a new layer of interactivity, with three sessions designed for dynamic engagement: 1) A CHRO Forum; 2) The Audience Speaks – where you take the stage to share talent acquisition gems; and 3) Practice telling a strategic story.

Saturday, October 26 Sunday, October 27 Monday, October 28 Tuesday, October 29