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Virtual + Strategic HR: Oct 21-22 & 28, 2020


The Forums | Interactive Discussions

The virtual conference format is more than a series of webinars. You’ll participate in interactive forums featuring subject matter experts, CHROs, and voices you wouldn’t normally hear on an HR stage.

Here are some of the big questions you’ll ponder during the course of the conference, as you engage, learn, obtain credit, and use these discussions to make a difference:

  • Millennial Trilogy: How three young HR leaders view the future of work and the profession in the context of Covid-19, economic stress, and social unrest.
  • Bias and the Brave New World of AI.
  • We’re Going to Minneapolis… to talk with some of our HR friends.
  • Data and Metrics: Why our feelings don’t do arithmetic very well.
  • Making a Difference: Sustainable D&I Initiatives.
  • Is 55 the New 30? A multi-dimensional view of career, transitions, retirement, and purpose.
  • A conversation with a police chief and an HR leader.
  • The Intersection of Privacy, Transparency, and Ethics: When you have to conduct a workplace investigation from your living room.
  • Workplace Words: The office language lawyers love and loathe.
  • Nonconformity as your HR Calling Card: What’s your HR niche?
  • Return to Work and Covid-19: Are you bored with the phrase “the new normal”?
  • HR in the Middle: Business stories that connect duties, ethics, and humanity.

All these programs will run on October 21, 22, and 28, and we will announce the final timeslots and faculty soon.