Workers' Comp Summit

A system-wide event for the workers’ compensation community.

Comp Summit Returns in 2023

The next Maine Workers’ Compensation Summit will be in the fall of 2023. It’s been my pleasure to curate this conference through its almost 30-year history. Our conferences are transitioning from me to my staff, as I’ll be retiring later this year to take on an “of counsel” role. Thus, we’re on a one-year hiatus to reimagine the content of a world-class event. Comp Summit has always delivered quality, and whatever the path for 2023, know that we will remain true to the values expressed below.

Bud Bernstein

Comp Summit Values Statement

At the heart of this conference is “a collaborative approach to workers’ compensation.” Comp Summit is Maine’s system-wide event for the workers’ compensation community. We crunch the numbers, parse the language of the statute, look to the future, and always consider the people impacted by the system. The quality education at this conference reaches the legal community, occupational health and wellness providers, insurers and adjusters, case managers, and Maine employers and employees alike.

Our mission is the pursuit of common ground for injured workers, Maine employers, and the Workers’ Compensation Board. We analyze the law’s impact on a tactical “day to day” basis and its strategic impact on employee rights, the business climate in Maine, and the grand bargain that created workers’ compensation systems in the first place.

Please direct inquiries to Bud Bernstein