Alexa Baggio

Alexa Baggio is the Founder of both the PERKS Conventions (PERKS) and the People Ops Society (POPS) and has been working to fundamentally change the ‘HR’ game and move the profession forward through immersive experiences and thought-provoking interactions.

Alexa first entered the people industry in 2014 after co-founding 2020 Onsite in Boston, a mobile optometry clinic providing convenient and high-tech eye care to employees at the office. Around that same time, Alexa founded The PERKS Conventions solely focused on making employee-focused services easier to discover, access, and afford.

PERKS has since expanded to six cities across the continent and offers the largest and most unique Employee Experience expos available annually and attracting thousands of professionals in HR, Benefits, People and Experiences.

In 2019, Alexa founded the People Ops Society to create a new-age professional association for People Operations professionals to learn from each other and move the profession into the foreground. In just under a month, the highly-vetted, members-only community has attracted hundreds of people professionals to its mission and helped organizations like SoulCycle, Pinterest, Ten Percent Happier, Google, and others progress their practices.

Prior to the people industry, Alexa worked in municipal finance for Merrill Lynch, enterprise sales for financial technology startup Axial, and created the first-ever shelter magazine focused on all things work, called The Roger. She started her ‘liberal arts’ career after graduating with honors from Brown University, where she studied entrepreneurship and organizational studies, captained the women’s tennis team, walked onto the soccer team, and had a short but successful stint as ‘Flex,’ a hip-hop radio DJ delivering two-hours of slow jams and R&B every Sunday night at 9pm.