Bonnie Baker

Bonnie Baker is an executive coach and advisor with 10 years of experience in personal and organizational transformation work. As an engineer with a love for psychology, continuous improvement is Bonnie’s passion. Over the past decade, Bonnie has worked as an internal improvement advisor, leader, consultant, and facilitator in healthcare. She has personally coached thousands of health care administrators and physicians to improve their processes using Lean thinking (a philosophy and methodology derived from the Toyota Production System).

Bonnie currently serves as Vice President of Martin’s Point Management System at Martin’s Point Health Care, a Primary Care Delivery System and Health Plan Provider in Portland, Maine. Bonnie earned her B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Northeastern University and her Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from William James College in Boston, Massachusetts. Bonnie has coached, consulted, or trained internationally with experiences across the US, in the UK, Egypt, and Vietnam.