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Strategic HR at Mt. Washington: October 22-24 in Bretton Woods, NH


Deb Shannon

Deb Shannon is a Certified Masteries Coach (CMC) credentialed through the International Association of Coaches and a Certified Conversational Intelligence® coach.

She is a force of nature among pragmatic optimists. Her track record as a communicator and relationship builder in the tech, wellness, and government sectors is marked by success in the face of chaos, transition and growth.

Deb founded Shannon Resources in response to her client-focused leadership experience with a global healthcare tech company. She saw a need for employers to create model spaces in which to engage and empower the next level workforce. Rather than indoctrinating young minds to think about the company as the greatest stakeholder, Deb works with HR departments and Learning and Development teams to deliver workshops that foster leadership at all levels of the organization, beginning with personal leadership. With an emphasis on creating a 1% positive change mentality, Deb helps clients build attractive and authentic work environments where individuals embrace their unique role within the wider system and feel valued to hone professional skills that further their effectiveness. Deb works independently as a personal coach, speaker and human resources consultant.

Sessions: WORKSHOP C: Unlocking Team Potential