Heather Bassett

Business Development & Marketing Manager

Middle Child│Only Daughter Between Two Brothers │Loving & Caring Family Upbringing │Gen Xer│ Scorpio │ B.S. in Allied Health Sciences with a minor in Anthropology & Sociology │ The Desire to Connect │ Love for Music │ Active Lifestyle │ A Carpenter’s Wife and Mother to Miss Carra Bassett

Middle Child: I am the direct product of middle child birth order. What a lot of research says about middle children and the syndrome, I play to its benefit. Going the extra mile, being the family connector, independent, empathetic. Syndrome? What syndrome?

Only Daughter Between Two Brothers: Being the only daughter in between two brothers adds a whole other layer of opportunity and COMPETITIVENESS! “Who says I can’t play men’s lacrosse?” “Of course I should be hired as your first female dish washer.” “I can figure skate, so it only makes sense to join an ice hockey team.” “Race you down the mountain.” “Wanna arm wrestle?”

Loving & Caring Family Upbringing: I was never told I could not achieve something. Anything was achievable if I was willing to work for it. Encouragement, constant hugs, and ‘I love you’ was a norm in the Banester household. Did I mention, I worked with my MOM?

Gen Xer: AND PROUD OF IT! I embrace the stigma and power on, like a true Xer. Sandwiched in between the boomers and the millennials…oh, sounds like a middle child thing. I can totally handle that. And it’s a good thing my generation helped create work-life-balance. (See Active Lifestyle section.) You’re welcome.

Scorpio: One’s astronomical birth chart is just as important as their birth order. And I’ve had it done, twice. Don’t bother with personality tests, just complete an astronomical birth chart. Here are some key takeaways: passionate, resourceful, observant, suspicious, ambitious, intuitive, and loyal. Best suited for the sciences, detective work, and business that directly impacts people.

B.S. degree in Allied Health & Medical with a minor in Anthropology & Sociology from Johnson State College in Vermont: This may not sound exactly like a direct career path toward Marketing and Business Development for an HR conference production organization. Stay with me. From the time I was in elementary school I thought I would grow up to be a doctor. I was always interested in medicine, science, how things work in the body, listening to people’s symptoms to see if I could come up with a diagnosis. I did this on the playground. I began an education path toward physical therapy in college until I took anthropology and sociology classes. I discovered a whole new level of human analysis the understanding came naturally. I added a minor in anthropology and sociology to my B.S. studies. I LOVED my medical anthropology classes and thrived in a learning environment that included the study of culture, particularly current culture and human interaction. Mix in a work study opportunity in the college admissions department, add the first job out of college as a financial aid consultant at the University of Vermont, and you have the natural progression into a job as a recruiter for an international company. Human Resources made a lot of sense. Essentially, I was studying a culture and then selling that culture to others. Or making improvements to a culture. But it wasn’t until I was hired as the Marketing and PR Director for Employment Times and HRTimes where I was then able to study and assist in marketing hundreds of cultures (employers.) From recruitment advertising to job fairs, to researching HR as a profession, reporting on trends, and assisting these professionals, I learned about and assisted with workforce development in the state of Maine. All under the direction of Jeanne Paquette, our current Commissioner of Labor. It was through the close relationship between Employment Times/HRTimes and the Maine HR Convention that launched me into my current position. I am now exposed to a whole new human culture element – the conference experience! Yes, I am one of the FIVE luckiest people on earth. I assist in creating three fabulous events. I work with three great people under the direction of Bud Bernstein who is a brilliant creator and genteel leader. I assist human resource professionals and the resources directly linked to the profession connect to excellent programming and with one another. The human resource profession and the resources that service the profession includes a level of understanding human nature, organizational development, and the study of the cultures that develop. I think I’ve balanced my career with my passion, interests, and values pretty darn well.

The Desire to Connect: A common theme found in my birth order, astronomical birth chart, family upbringing, and past experiences is the desire to connect. I get great satisfaction in bringing people together. I always required a sleepover birthday party. I was always the dinner party coordinator in college. I planned and orchestrated my wedding to include personal touches that friends and family were able to connect with. I successfully guided four families through Walt Disney World for four days. It’s only natural I would enjoy what I do. There are moments at our events where I pause for a few minutes and just watch the crowd come together and take in the connections taking place. I think to myself, I helped create this experience.

Love for Music: I find myself putting a lot of my life moments to music. I don’t play music well, I just love listening to music and setting my mind and body to music. My most favorite gifts over time have been the vehicles that help provide music, starting with a Fisher Price record player at a young age. I played that thing all the time. Some of my most clear early memories are playing that record player outside and dancing in the huge yard for hours. Cars zooming by seeing some strange kiddo dancing and practicing gymnastics. Then it was a Fisher Price cassette player. I was then able to take music to the iced covered pond and ice skate a routine. Then it was a boom box and creating mix tapes for friend, setting playlists to friendships and experiences. And then it was an iPod: PLAYLISTS GALORE! Wedding playlist, birthing playlist, first birthday party playlist, conference playlist…Music is such a great resource for the soul.

Active Lifestyle: It’s funny, when I am most active I don’t normally listen to music. I like to let my mind wander. However, certain songs pop into my mind: when I run, She’s Going the Distanceby Cake; when I snowboard The Picture by Son Volt; when I hike, usually Bob Dylan.

A Carpenter’s Wife and Loving Mother to Miss Carra Bassett: Yes, a carpenter’s house is never done. Steve and I built our house ourselves without prior experience. It took two years and a lot of late nights and weekends while working full-time jobs. After that experience, Steve gained the confidence that he CAN in fact build a house and is now a contractor and owner of Bassett Custom Homes Inc. In 2010 we had our first child, a daughter. Being Sugarloafers and confident that she would learn to ski or snowboard, we had to take advantage of the Bassett last name and named her Carra Bassett. She is named after the Sugarloaf region, Carrabasett Valley. It’s only natural that she be an Olympic gold medalist in snowboarding or skiing, Carra Bassett from Carrabassett Valley. No pressure.

Who is your favorite super hero? Women are often asked who their favorite heroine is. When I’m asked this I’m always stumped. I claim SUPER HERO Bat Girl as my alter ego, but she is not my favorite heroine. There are so many inspiring women in the world that I draw inspiration from, but can’t say are a true heroine to me. It’s the women in my immediate life that have had the most influence on me and I consider my heroes. My mom, who showed me how love and affection can be the greatest foundation in someone’s life, which I try every day to show to my own daughter. My best friend in elementary school who continuously shared the power of imagination with me, growing up in a small rural town. My best friend in high school who reinforced the power of individuality–how it’s ok to be yourself and have someone love you and be by your side no matter what. My best friend after college who showed me how to thrive in the big wide open world with very little money, a whole lot of creativity, fun, and spirt. My first REAL JOB boss, Jeanne Paquette, who was my first professional mentor, who helped shaped my career and taught me so much.

Keepin’ it real.