John Tynan

John Tynan is the Senior Manager of People Advisory Services at Ernst & Young. He formerly served as Director of the Global HR Business Partners for WEX, a provider of Complex Corporate Payment solutions. John’s father has called him “a nudge”, and his college swim coach once directed him to “go play in traffic”. For the past 25 years John has parlayed their advice into a successful HR career helping groups of people connect and achieve on levels they never realized were possible.

John holds a BA in Economics from Loyola University of Maryland and an MBA from the University of Maryland. He is also Greenbelt Certified in Six Sigma from GE. He spent the first decade of his career learning to spell HR at PepsiCo and Allied-Signal, and the next ten years exploring different business and organizational models including private companies, entrepreneurial start-ups, and running his own winery.

When not in the office John is most likely to be found on a pool deck with a microphone in his hand as the meet announcer for all the swimming championships that come to New England. He is also an avid collector of old functional things – fountain pens, safety razors, and pocket watches.