Ken Grady

Ken’s second job was as a short order cook working the midnight shift at the Waffle House. His first job was off-the-books, cleaning stables in exchange for the chance to spend more time around horses.  After studying computer engineering at Georgia Tech, he served five years as an Arabic translator for the Army. When he returned to the private sector, he worked the midnight shift again for a library automation company, supporting librarians and UNIX systems administrators in Asia Pacific from his office in San Francisco. Which is just exactly as thrilling as it sounds. Ken leveraged this into opportunities working at internet development companies, IDX (writing medical billing and practice management software in what is, in hindsight, an M.-Night-Shyamalan-level foreshadowing), and human diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies such as Chiron and Novartis, leading enterprise technology organizations, living and working in the US, EU and Asia.  Ken joined IDEXX in 2014 from his role as CIO of New England Biolabs, a scientific company delivering groundbreaking molecular biology reagents & products, and a founding member of the biotech industry.  As Corporate Vice President & CIO at IDEXX, Ken is responsible for driving development & deliver of IDEXX’s industry leading information technology systems and services in support of companion animal diagnostic care, livestock, dairy and water testing, and for enhancing the overall technology architecture that scales & propels the company’s ongoing operations & growth strategy.  Which all aligns tidily with the flock of chickens, several pigs and resident Old English Sheepdog that all live in his backyard in Gorham, Maine.

Ken can still make a fantastic omelet.