Mark Christensen

Mark Christensen is an HR Professional, a Strategic Partnerships expert, and a Superconnector. He spent 12 years as an HR practitioner/leader and 15 years creating partnerships and alliances in the HR world. Mark currently connects people to people, to solutions, and to professional learning events in his own freelance connections business. He also acts as a speaker agent for authors, thought leaders, CEO’s and HR professionals

Early in his career Mark spent about 12 years as an HR leader roles in both the private and public sectors.

Mark was an intern at the AZ House of Representatives and worked with at least 3 freshman AZ legislators, who later became AZ Governors or Legislative leaders like Jane D. Hull, Jan Brewer, and Mark Killian. He has graduate-level degrees in both business and HR.

Mark then served HR networks in 3 countries, and across 10 states for another 12 years as a Regional Director for the Society for Human Resources Management during it’s largest growth period, when membership grew from 40,000 to 260,000 members to become the largest professional global HR organization.

Mark was then recruited by by their C-Leaders to fill a unique Strategic Partnerships role where he built alliances regional HR  associations across the US and created learning opportunities with business & HR leaders like Marcus Buckingham, Stephen R. Covey, Ann Rhoades, Jim Collins, and Tony Hsieh.

Mark continues to open doors to opportunities inside his expanding network, to promote company values and behaviors, and to help build great company cultures. Mark is also part of Ann Rhoades PeopleInk/Built on Values team. He currently serves on HR Boards in CA, AZ, and NM and brings speakers to 20 regional and state conferences/events annually and recently to virtual conferences across the world.

Mark lives in Gilbert, AZ and is Dad to 3 millennial entrepreneur sons who are now married to 3 beautiful daughter-in-laws who work in the nursing and wellness professions. In September of 2019, Mark became a “Grand” Dad to 2 Grandsons Rocky and Vaughn born 1 week apart..without a doubt they are the Light of His Life.

Mark loves to travel around the globe and his current favorites are Europe, Iceland, and the South Pacific.