Pat Callaghan

Pat Callaghan has been a reporter and anchor with the NBC stations in Maine since 1979. Based at WCSH6 in Portland, he has co-anchored Maine’s #1 rated 6:00 pm weeknight newscasts since 1989.

Much of Pat’s reporting has focused on politics, including extensive coverage of New Hampshire’s first in the nation presidential primaries, numerous national political conventions, and the Maine State House, spanning five administrations. He also frequently reports from Washington, DC on Maine’s Congressional delegation.

Pat has produced award-winning documentaries on many of Maine’s major political figures, including Ed Muskie, George Mitchell, William Cohen and Olympia Snowe.

Notable career moments include being live on the air from the Kennedy Space Center in 1986 when the space shuttle Challenger was destroyed, killing all aboard including New Hampshire school teacher Christa McAuliffe.

Pat also reported from Belfast, Northern Ireland when George Mitchell was presiding over the multi-party peace talks that produced the Good Friday Agreement.

Pat is a native of Framingham, Massachusetts and has a B.A. in history and English from the University of New Hampshire.