Scarlett Abraham Clarke

Scarlett Abraham Clarke joined Commonwealth Financial in October of 2020. She was previously at Bright Horizons. Scarlett’s passion for HR began after she graduated college and worked for a staffing agency. In her current role, Scarlett is responsible for aligning business objectives with employees and management. She serves as a consultant and strategic partner to leaders and collaborates with department managers to help fairly implement our policies and to assist them with coaching employees and supporting their development.

Scarlett is passionate about retaining good talent and often facilitates trainings geared towards employee development. In addition to the support that employees receive from their direct supervisor or local leadership team, she assists employees with successfully resolving questions and concerns that may arise.

One area of focus for Scarlett is partnering with the business to focus on the company culture and develop Diversity and Inclusion strategies and initiatives that grow and strengthen the overall organization. She acts as an employee champion and change agent and is committed to providing an overall positive employee experience.

Scarlett holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Developmental Psychology from Suffolk University. She and her family live in Hyde Park, MA.