Suzi Benoit

Based in Maine, Ms. Benoit has worked for over 30 years in the field of human behavior.

Working as principal at Benoit Consulting, LLC
Her track record for creative solutions optimizing a balance of employee relations and profitability make her a valuable resource. Suzi’s services include culture improvement; crisis management; nonprofit board development; sexual harassment prevention; and difficult employee behavior. Her background in HR, clinical social work and commercial business help her to solve the most complex people problems. Suzi has assisted over 100 clients since 2002. Ms. Benoit is consulted routinely by business owners on people strategies and employee engagement. She has also helped those struggling with workplace bullies and attempting to reform offensive behavior. She speaks and writes extensively about creating an environment where satisfied employee efforts are productively aligned with business goals. Over 70 blog posts are accessible at

Working at Better Help as a private therapist
“I can see the good in everyone and form relationships with a wide variety of personalities and styles. I believe in second chances and creating an open supportive environment in which people can do their best. I believe that the consequences for negative behavior should fall to the person who is responsible for hurting others and often help clients to resist the temptation to rescue others from the consequences of theirs.”

Suzi helps clients looking for improvement – with self-esteem; self-care; trauma and grieving as well as life changes associated with workplace challenges – negative social dynamics at work; navigating unhealth work cultures; and general boundary setting. Clinical bio –