Tony Tjan

Anthony (Tony) Tjan is CEO and Managing Partner of Cue Ball.

Tony brings a successful track record as an entrepreneur, principal investor, and strategic adviser to Cue Ball. He leads the firm’s overall direction and is involved across deal development activities, including on-going guidance and mentorship to the leadership of Cue Ball’s portfolio companies.

Tony is one of the World Economic Forum’s Global Leaders for Tomorrow and has been a speaker at the TED conference. He sits on the boards of Virgin Pulse, Dubset, Landit, and Miniluxe.

Tony’s most recent position was as Senior Partner (youngest elected) at The Parthenon Group, a leading strategic advisory and investment firm where he served as Vice Chairman for nearly 15 years.

At Parthenon, he led digital media and information client relationships- a natural extension of his heritage as an Internet entrepreneur and as a longstanding senior advisor to Thomson Corporation (now Thomson Reuters).

At Thomson, he served as the chief strategic counselor reporting to his now Cue Ball partner Dick Harrington who was CEO of Thomson at the time. Beginning in 2001 the pair worked together on the growth and transformation strategy that led to a four-fold increase in cash flow, the acquisition of Reuters, and ultimately the creation of the world’s largest information media company.

Tony was a pioneer in the Internet’s commercialization, and in 1996 he founded and was CEO of the Internet services firm, ZEFER (now an NEC subsidiary), which grew to more than $100M in annual revenues and more than 700 professionals.

Tony started his career with McKinsey & Company where he focused on consumer and media clients.

Tony is a New York Times best-selling author of Heart, Smarts, Guts and Luck ( and a contributor to Harvard Business Review where he features his blog

Tony lives in Brookline, Massachusetts with his wife, Laura, and their three children.