Trevor Putnoky

A strong advocate for healthcare value, Trevor Putnoky has been a leading voice in advancing quality, affordability, and access for over a decade. He works closely with employers and public trusts to identify solutions that effectively reduce healthcare costs and improve benefits for their members. 

Trevor has strong connections within Maine’s healthcare community and believes that collaboration across stakeholder groups is essential to developing viable solutions to the problems we face in our healthcare system. Over his 10+ years at the Healthcare Purchaser Alliance, Trevor has played a key role in transitioning the organization to a new business model that is both more effective in its mission and financially sustainable. He works closely with the CEO of the organization to identify new strategies and opportunities that generate value for employers and the community as a whole. 

Trevor lives in Yarmouth, Maine with his wife, two daughters (ages 3 and 4), dog, and cat. He is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys fly fishing, gardening, skiing, and foraging in Maine’s expansive woods.