For many years, I have had a little Sunday ritual of sitting down for morning coffee and opening 

The website, started by Frank Warren, has a simple purpose: to give strangers a place to anonymously share their secrets – big, small, silly, or profound. The project came from humble beginnings in 2005 but quickly grew into a worldwide phenomenon sparking conversations around trust, resilience, and connectedness.  

I’ve been hooked for over a decade.   

Though I discovered the website organically – back in the early years of the Internet, when ‘surfing the web’ had a bit more whimsy – the original ‘PostSecret House’ it turns out, sits just 5 miles from my childhood home.  

When I turned 16 and could embrace the liberation of my drivers’ license, I’d coast past Frank’s house countless times a week – coincidentally, my best friend lived across the street. I always kept a keen eye on the mailbox when I drove to and from her place – hoping for a glimpse of the USPS delivery that day. It was sacred land – that tiny post in the earth that welcomed messages of unchased dreams, unspoken terror, and unending love. 

Several months ago, I wrote to Frank. Not anonymously, but instead signed emphatically, as the Creative Director of the Strategic HR conference. I told him how the Human Resources community could benefit from his message of fellowship and tending to our mental wellbeing 

To my delight, he agreed, and will now join us as the opening keynote speaker of the October Strategic HR 2020 conference. 

This past Sunday, when I browsed the collection of postcards Frank had curated for the week, one particularly turned my mind to our HR family: 

I know this year has been especially hard on HR. I know it can be difficult to make space for YOU when tending to the needs of your organization. I know you’re juggling countless new challenges and demands with very few new resources. 

So, consider this my checkin to you, the strong ones. 

How are you doing?  

How can my organization support your industry?  

What does professional development look like for you during this time?  

What do you need to be effective? 

The Strategic HR Retreat has always been more than a conference. It is a place of empowerment and revitalization. It is a place for learningof course. But most importantly, it’s a place to check in on one another. It is a place to make sure we’re all okay. 

I look forward to seeing you online in October, and I hope to hear from you in the interim. Be well. 


Katie White
COO, Creative Director