The information below is from the completed 2022 event. Check back in the spring for 2023 updates.

Strategic HR at Mt. Washington: October 22-24 in Bretton Woods, NH


“I Left My Job In San Francisco”

Monday, October 24th, 2022 @ 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Where the Workforce Is Moving and Why

In March of 2022, Forbes reported that 18.9 million Americans (nearly 10% of the US population) plan on moving, in addition to the 4.9 million that have already relocated. We know that the workforce is migrating – but where are they going? We often hear about a mass exodus from city centers – New York and San Francisco, most notably. But on the Northern New England home front, the search for workers in the rural areas and small towns seems just as fruitless. To provide you with insight into the challenges you face, our panelists take a look at the migration patterns of the working population from three angles: economic, cultural, and environmental.

Faculty: Derek Lundsten, LifeGuides; Greg Lindsay, Journalist, Urbanist, Futurist; Richard Bilodeau, Professor at the University of Southern Maine

Approved for SHRM credit and HRCI Business Credit