Strategic HR at Mount Washington: Oct 25-27, 2020 – Bretton Woods, NH

The following information is from the completed 2019 event. Please check back in the spring for details on next year. 


KEYNOTE: Busting Bureaucracy Through Values-Centric Thinking

Tuesday, October 29th, 2019 @ 8:30 am - 9:30 am

Ann Rhoades, People Ink

Lynn Waln, University of New Mexico

What’s it all about? Let’s begin with the notion that rules and workplace structures are born of necessity, but that they often linger well beyond their shelf lives. The need for creativity, ingenuity, and flexibility often bumps into these structures. Ann Rhoades, acclaimed author of “Built on Values,” will demonstrate how values-based organizations can break out from rigidity, grow, AND do the right thing at the same time. She will introduce you to Lynn Waln, CAO of the ECHO Institute at the University of New Mexico. This is an organization with a big mission and a big heart. Their goal is to demonopolize knowledge and amplify best practice healthcare for underserved populations around the world. ECHO is in rapid growth mode, operating 220+ hubs for disease prevention and treatment in 31 countries. Ann and Lynn will describe how this group defined its values and how they developed workplace activities to enculturate trust, respect, and humility. One such imaginative activity is ECHO’s “Guppy Tank,” a kinder, gentler version of Shark Tank.

Why you’ll want to participate in this session.

  • Discover that the best path to business success in a rapid-growth environment is hueing to core values and developing strategic ways to inculcate those values into your corporate culture.
  • In the process, understand the underlying premise of values-centric leadership, which is that leaders drive values, values are linked to behaviors, behaviors define the culture, which ultimately determines the performance and success of your business model.
  • Learn how you can use this strategic process to elevate the HR role at your workplace and generate respect from the C-Suite.
  • Gain knowledge on the strategy for operationalizing work behaviors that create values buy-in, how to sustain values over time, keeping them fresh and relevant without changing their core.

Approved for: SHRM Credit- 1.0 PDC; and HRCI Credit- 1.0 Business Credit.

Program Faculty: Ann Rhoades, Lynn Waln