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The following information is from the completed 2021 event. Please check back in the fall for details on next year. 

Maine HR Convention: May 10 – 12, 2022


KEYNOTE | Finding True Allies

Wednesday, May 12th, 2021 @ 8:15 am - 9:15 am

Breaking the Mythology

Why you’ll want to participate in this session. Now, more than ever, we are confronting the complex issues of race and other differences in the workplace. Denise Hamilton joins us from Houston, Texas for a keynote that plunges right into the heart of the matter – how we manage the new levels of volume and how we make a difference. She starts with the concept of building alliances, So, just what does it mean to be an ally? How do we have difficult conversations with our allies and others we’re trying to bring on board in ways that are productive and supportive? Denise can help.  


What’s it all about. 

  • Learn how to challenge yourself and encourage others to excavate the underlying beliefs that shape strongly-held opinions around race and intersectionality.  
  • Identify shared values and develop a strategic framework for incorporating different perspectives.  
  • Harness the differences among us to generate creative and innovative solutions that produce business results and stay true to your values. 
  • Discover how to align your teams and leadership on a path to competitive excellence, improved morale, and increased retention. 

Approved for SHRM Credit and HRCI Business Credit. 

Program Faculty: Denise Hamilton