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Virtual + Strategic HR: Oct 21-22 & 28, 2020

All times listed on the schedule are Eastern Standard Time.

On the Road to Broadway and Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Wednesday, October 21st, 2020 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Life Imitates Art

What’s it all about? The workforce issues demanding our attention this year are illustrated poignantly through the arts – the medium to which we escape in times of turmoil. Facing staggering unemployment and halted revenue, not to mention having a magnifying glass on actor diversity and representation of POC throughout the industry – live theatre is a microcosm of the challenges many organizations are facing today. In this discussion, we’ll visit The Fulton, a renowned, non-profit, regional theatre led by Marc Robin in Lancaster, PA, and then venture to New York City to chat with Broadway performer David Girolmo to discuss how these forces have converged and propelled creative community leaders to find a new path forward.

Why you’ll want to participate in this session.

  • Consider how emerging trends in society, economics, and politics are seen through the eyes of the theater arts, and witness how they have strategized a business survival path for the near term and business robustness for the future.
  • Discover why a deep knowledge of your product, services, and market enables you to ask smart business questions and drive the people strategies that will encourage your organization to excel.
  • Build your HR business portfolio by employing transformative innovation strategies from the world of art into your HR strategies.

Approved for SHRM Credit and HRCI Business Credit.

Program Faculty: David Girolmo, Marc Robin