Strategic HR at Mount Washington: Oct 27-29, 2019 – Bretton Woods, NH


PLENARY: Multi-Cultural Values at Work

Monday, October 28th, 2019 @ 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

The World Bank HR Story

What’s it all about? We are pleased to welcome Geremie Sawadogo to the stage. He is a talent leader at the World Bank’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., and he joins us to tell the story of how HR at the World Bank deals with a broad range of multi-cultural values issues, both internally and externally. The World Bank and International Monetary Fund were created in this very building – the Mt. Washington Hotel – as part of the 1944 Bretton Woods Accord. The purpose was to stabilize the world economy out of the ashes of World War II. Visit the Gold Room next to the conference center, where the photos tell the story of this critical endeavor. What is particularly interesting to 21st-century eyes is the makeup of the negotiating delegations from the 44 participating countries. They are almost exclusively men from western culture. Fast-forward to 2019, where the World Bank comprises 189 participating countries on all continents with a charge to “bridge the division between rich and poor countries.” The Bank’s employees focus on infrastructure, health, and education, and not surprisingly see a range of clashing cultures and philosophies among the clients they serve. The more than 10,000 bank employees similarly comprise a most diverse group. From there the story unfolds.

Why you’ll want to participate in this session.

  • Witness how a strategic HR platform at the World Bank helps align the mix of cultures within their employee ranks and the mix of cultures in the audiences and stakeholders served.
  • Learn how HR encourages organizational effectiveness in such a diverse culture, particular while being buffeted by worldwide politics and constant scrutiny by the press.
  • Discover how teams are built for the World Bank initiative, teams that require cross-functional talents, language skills, and cultural knowledge.

Approved for: SHRM Credit- 1.0 PDC; and HRCI Credit- 1.0 Business Credit.