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Maine HR Convention: May 10, 12, & 14, 2021 – Virtual+ Edition


KEYNOTE | Psychological Safety and the High Performing Team

Wednesday, May 13th, 2020 @ 3:15 pm - 4:30 pm

It Takes Courage + Compassion + Communication Skills

What’s it all about? Google’s intensive study of high-functioning teams revealed that the key ingredient separating high-functioning from low-functioning teams was Psychological Safety. The more psychologically safe employees feel–i.e. the more they believe they can be candid, unguarded, and vulnerable without being mocked, ridiculed, judged, or subjected to “payback” behavior–the more likely they are to: give truthful feedback, report safety issues, offer process improvement suggestions and game-changing ideas, and address inappropriate behavior. In this presentation, David Lee will explore the behaviors that create, and the ones that destroy, psychological safety. We’ll also discuss how leaders, managers, and individual contributors can all do their part to foster a psychologically safe work environment. David will then look at what leaders in other organizations are doing to foster psychological safety, engaging Jeff Buckwalter, CEO of The Holy Donut, Jen Horton, Director of Human Resources, and Liz Cotter Schlax, President and CEO of United Way for the discussion.

Why you’ll want to participate in this session.

  • Hear examples from leaders on their experiences—and challenges with—creating Psychological Safety as a way to inform how you approach your leadership team.
  • Learn how to articulate to management what Psychological Safety is and how it affects employee engagement, innovation, and safety (and is not just a fad or “touchy feely thing”).
  • Learn how to help managers recognize communication styles and behaviors they might be engaging in that prevent Psychological Safety and its impact on their ability to get results.
  • Take away skills to train managers on what behaviors foster psychological safety and how to engage in them.

Approved for SHRM Credit and HRCI General (HR) Credit.