Strategic HR at Mt. Washington: Oct 24-26, 2021


Working from Anywhere U.S.A.

Sunday, October 24th, 2021 @ 9:00 am - 10:30 am

The new reality for HR and workplace culture.

What’s it all about? As businesses continue the return to office in the wake of Covid, surveys show that as many as half of all employees want to continue to work from home. To complicate the matter, many of those employees have already relocated out of state to new homes. Employers and HR are realizing both the potential and challenges this brings. On one hand, remote work is an opportunity to broaden recruitment outreach to employees living out of state and to add diversity, efficiency, and resilience to a business. On the other hand, it poses two challenges. Maintaining company culture and an engaged and collaborative workforce is the first, and keeping tabs on compliance logistics is the other. Your hosts at this welcoming brunch – Beth Rattigan and John Maitland – open the conference door to this broad-ranging discussion. 

Why you’ll want to participate in this session. 

  • Share ideas on a strategic approach that invests in remote employees’ long-term success by promoting purpose, connection, a sense of belonging, aligned goals, and communication.    
  • Discover the value of leading a strategic, coordinated approach to the logistics of employment and business law compliance as a means of both risk management and cost containment. 
  • Elevate your organizational voice by demonstrating fluency in efficient approaches to multiple states’ unique employment requirements and work rules regarding registering to do business, taxation, paid leave, wage and hour issues, and many other regulatory concerns, such as the safety measures implicated by Covid. 

Applying for SHRM and HRCI Business Credit. 

Program Faculty: Beth Rattigan, John Maitland
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