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The following information is from the completed 2021 event. Please check back in the fall for details on next year. 

Maine HR Convention: May 10 – 12, 2022


Workshop C: 12 Trends Shaping the 2020’s 

Monday, May 10th, 2021 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Why you’ll want to participate in this session.Think counter-intuitivelyDespite a global pandemic, life and the world of work has the potential to be better than ever, and with certainty employees are adding value like never beforeChange will continue to arrive at warp speed, and new technologies like artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and quantum are accelerating this change. These tools will improve the world and provide tremendous opportunity to the swift and agile as rapidly as they leave laggards behind. In this conversationDon MacPherson will share how six technology trends and six social trends – like aging, inequality, and privacy – are disrupting how we work and even what it means to be human. Over the last three years, Don has traveled the world to interview geniuses about these trends for his 12 Geniuses podcast. From those experiences, he will share what individuals and organizations can do to prepare for and take advantage of these changes. Your session host: James Brissenden. 

What’s it all about? 

  • Discuss the wave of futuristic thinking that will position you to better understand the short-term and long-term changes that will disrupt work and the workforce and impact your organization’s direction and bottom line. 
  • Determine how HR can lead the strategies and development opportunities for individual and organizational growth in light of technological and social trends. 
  • Become an advocate for change by modeling change within HR and aligning that with organizational strategic planning. 

Approved for SHRM Credit and HRCI Business Credit.