Maine HR Convention: May 8 – 11, 2023


Workshop C – Healthcare Track: Maximize the Value of Your Health Plan

Wednesday, May 10th, 2023 @ 10:15 am - 11:45 am

10 Strategies for your Benefits Budget

The cost to provide healthcare to employees continues to go up at two to five times CPI every year, and for most businesses, HR teams are forced to make the unfortunate choice between cutting back benefits or taking money from other parts of the business, like wages. In fact, according to the Wall Street Journal, 95% of wage stagnation in the United States has been caused by the increases in healthcare costs.
While most HR professionals feel powerless to do anything about rising premiums and deductibles, there are meaningful strategies to both reduce costs and improve benefits that savvy employers are taking advantage of today.
In this presentation, Trevor Putnoky of the Healthcare Purchaser Alliance of Maine will share a brief overview of the healthcare landscape before diving into 10 strategies that have proven to effectively enhance the value of healthcare benefits for employers around the country. Trevor will cover topics like what to look for in a TPA and PBM, how to steer employees to high-value providers, and what kind of vendor solutions actually deliver on their promised ROI.
Applying for SHRM credit and HRCI Business Credit