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The following information is from the completed 2021 event. Please check back in the fall for details on next year. 

Maine HR Convention: May 10 – 12, 2022


Workshop C: What to Do When the Media Call

Friday, May 14th, 2021 @ 9:45 am - 10:45 am

Strategic HR Thinking

Why you’ll want to participate in this session.When an accident occurs in the workplace, or an employee does something that’s unflattering to the company, you may be the one facing the TV camera or responding to a call from a reporter. Compound that situation with a world on edge from a pandemic, social and political unrest, and economic crisis, and you will be challenged. Your mind may go blank because you are afraid of saying the wrong thing; but the worst thing you can say is “no comment,” because that looks like you’re trying to cover up something. In this session, you will learn from two veterans in the PR industry – Steve McCausland and Nancy Marshall – about how to prepare for just these moments so that you are not completely reacting in the moment. 

What’s it all about?   

  • Learn how to become a public relations specialist who can represent your organization with authority before the media. 
  • Hone your trust-building skills so that corporate leadership looks to you in a moment of crisis. 
  • Learn how to protect the reputation of your organization while at the same time coming across as confident and professional.   
  • Discover ways to build a rich network with local and statewide media as the foundation for a friendlier interview when things go wrong. 

Approved for SHRM Credit and HRCI Business Credit.